Service Design


Improving the living quality in Cologne Südstadt

The service design project  „Living Quality by Design“ by professor Birgit Mager deals with the living quality of the people in the Cologne Südstadt. Sarah Park and I investigate the situation of cyclists. The main question was: How can we encourage the inhabitants to use the bike more often in the city? After defining the service ecology and the relevant stakeholders we started with a desk research. We interviewed pedestrians in the Südstadt to find out how satisfied they are with the situation of the cyclist.

Joyful Kit

Based on the results we developed a „Joyful Kit“, an interactive research method, with which the inhabitants were required to solve problems independently and playfully. The „Joyful Kit“ consists of a bicycle diary where you had to fill in your daily experience. Which route do you take? Which transportation did you choose and why? In a map the participations had to sign in dangerous places on their route. On the postcards they should write about their particular experience with the bike.


After evaluate the results from the desk and field research we identify different problems in the urban environment and create new parameters to motivate the people to cycle more.Based on our key findings we develop a rewarding system for cyclists. With the iPhone app it is possible for bikers to collect eCO points, that can be exchanged as payback points at participating stores, discounts or your health insurance. On the website the users can exchange their experience and compare their eCO points scores.



Happy couples

There exist different methods to build personal relationships and to keep and intensify them: rituals in everyday life, the little black dress in the bedroom, the inspirational affair and go to a couple therapy. But what about our business relationships? How is a long-term relationship established? What methods and rituals are used? Are there analogies to private relationships, or follow the business partner completely different rules? Together with our project partners TraiCen we developed tools and services that built, care and renew business relationships.

Working steps

First we had a brainstorming meeting and collected information about the actual situation. To get a personal impression we visited the company and had some interviews and took a look at the structure, the intern and extern communication and the working environment of TrainCen. As a next step we cluster all our information. One of the key findings was that it is complicated to find a proper method to built or care a business relationship for an individual situation. My group focuses on an app, which connects all the different tools you can use to built, care and renew business relationships.